Our Company

Centerpoint is a different kind of IT Support Company.

Centerpoint Managed Services was started by two guys who think that IT Support can be done better. Working in IT for a combined 10 years, being exposed to the dark underbelly that is contracted IT support these days, we decided to start a business to change what we see as mistakes and abuses.

Working day to day with endusers and their IT support, we saw the same two problems:

  • People are too reluctant to ask their “Computer Guy” for help
  • When those same people DO engage their “Computer Guy”, the work completed is low-quality

The things that set us apart from the rest of the IT support market begins with our business model. We have adopted an innovative way of running our business and supporting our customer’s computer networks that is called Managed Services.

The best way to be introduced to Managed Services is to compare it to a traditional model of support, known as Break/Fix.


  • You are billed when you require help.
  • You interact with the “IT Guy” only when you have to. You are often billed even for phone calls or emails.
  • It is in your best financial intrest to minimize contact with your “IT Guy”. Talking to him can cost you money.
  • The “IT Guy” makes a majority of his income when your systems have failed. It is not in his best interest that your systems never go down.

Managed Services

  • You are charged a single monthly fee for all the help you require.
  • You are able to cultivate a relationship with a team who works to understand you and your business, and anticipate your needs.
  • You are able to work closely with your support team, at no additional cost to you.
  • Your Managed Services partner is financially incentivized to keep your systems running. Every hour your systems are down is costing THEM money too.

Benefits We Provide:

  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Unlimited Scheduled Onsite Support
  • Network Auditing and Inventory
  • Purchasing Assistance